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Since 1980

Quality Products

We grow our own turf here in Warrington and source sustainable landscape products from other local suppliers.

Always Fresh

Turf is fresh cut to order the evening before it is delivered, ensuring it reaches you in the best condition.

Excellent Services

Shop direct from the farm where a member of the team will be on hand to give advice about your project or choose fast kerb side delivery.


Proper Lawns

We pride ourselves on growing fine, yet durable turf from a seed mix that took nearly 40 years to develop. Whether you want a lawn for children, pets or aesthetics, our turf will exceed your expectations in both quality and budget!

We grow our turf locally in Warrington, so we don’t incur additional transport costs, it’s good for the environment and means you can buy direct from the grower and save money for the rest of your project!

We have a range of other landscape products to supplement anything from weekend projects to your more ambitious designs.

The Whittakers


We are here all year!

We are open all year, but most people start to venture outside in March when the cold weather subsides and the warmer temperatures invite us into the garden to assess the damage caused by a long winter and begin to envisage a paradise for the summer.

Whether you need a single square metre of turf to patch the hole the dog dug or a thousand metres to create your dream lawn, we’ve got you covered! We also have a range of decorative stone for borders, patios and driveways, along with building materials for fencing and paving.

With spring just around the corner and holidays abroad looking unlikely, there’s no better time to create that oasis ready to enjoy in the summer!


Additional Products

Garden Care

All the tools you need to look after your garden.

Plant Renovation

A selection of fertilisers and pest control options

Seed Supply

Seeds for every season and propagation tips

Watering Garden

A range of watering systems, from a simple hose to timed irrigation systems.

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